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In order to be successful, an investigator must have contacts and a strong ability to obtain information as needed. Investatec Systems has contacts in all parts of Alberta, Canada and most areas of the United States and other countries around the world.

We belong to several internet mailing lists that give us access to contacts around the globe. We also have the ability to obtain quality information to complement any investigation ie. public documents.

Our ability to locate assets, whether it be personal or corporate information, has been the saving grace of many an otherwise doomed investigation. What makes us successful in the information department is our ability to meet people and determine just what they can provide us in a very short time. We are then able to have them provide the necessary information.

Criminal defense, insurance fraud and litigation support are other areas in which we work on a regular basis. In all of these areas we have had an extremely high success rate and we are able to adapt to new areas of investigation with ease.


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