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In life there are two main types of investments most people make. One is with money and the other is with emotion. Money usually takes some effort to accumulate but when one handles it correctly it usually accumulates. There is a saying that money makes the world go around …or does it? Anyone that believes this has missed that other important investment we all make. It’s called emotion.

“Cupid” strikes both genders and when he does, everything else including money takes second place.

People seek out Cupid, and when he is found he brings with him feeling of fulfillment, happiness, contentment, worth and pride. For those of us who have felt these feelings there is nothing else like them in the world. Giving of yourself and your emotions to another human being is a wonderful adventure.

Knowing that Cupid has the ability to demolish even the strongest of individuals, it is a huge investment on your part. You now want to live your life for somebody else. Your lover who may become your mate is worth everything you have, every breath you take now and forever.

What happens if you lose a financial investment? There will be more opportunities and most likely many more chances to make the money back. When you lose an emotional investment the problems are endless. If your lover, husband or wife has suddenly become interested in somebody else, you feel betrayed like everything has no worth at all.

When do you know your significant other has stopped caring? You will probably know in your heart when it is true, but there are also many signs:

1. You no longer get words of praise, and “I love you” becomes a saying of the past.

2. Time together is now something the other does not have time for.

3. Extra work or recreation alone now seems to be more and more frequent.

4. You never feel included in anything and the looks you get as well as the words are short and uncaring.

5. Things like charge card statements, cell phone bills, and open emails are a thing of the past.

6. You do not know for sure where your significant other is at all times nor does he/she want to inform you.

There are many others such as new clothes and hair styles but these are some of the usual signs that your lover has found somebody else. The bedroom that was once warm and passionate is now a place you hate to go to at the end of the day. Sex has gone too and is replaced with “I am tired”, “I’ve had a long day”, and “I don’t want to”.

Emotions like emotional investments, are painful when they go wrong, and trying to replace them is even harder. Knowing the truth of what is going on with your other is the first step towards healing. You think you have been betrayed but you are not sure. Proof that you have been betrayed makes it easier to cope.

Having your other on videotape with his or her new other will help to bring closure to a very difficult situation and this is how we are able to help you. With accurate, kind, compassionate investigations we can help you get back to where you want to be.

Reliable information, thorough investigations, and consideration for your feelings are things you can depend on from Investatec Systems. We do the maximum at all times to insure your comfort, privacy, and to help you get the answers you need in order to move on with your life.


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